PATANI (Development of Agricultural Technology and Informatics) is a scientific journal published by the Center for Research and Community Service (PPPM) Sambas State Polytechnic with P-ISSN 2356-1564 AND E-ISSN 2775-6114. Journal of Agricultural Technology Development (Jurnal PATANI) contains research articles, literature studies, theoretical applications and analytical studies in order to support the development of agricultural technology. The study material for the PATANI Journal article includes Natural Resource Management Technology for Agriculture, Appropriate Technology for Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, Harvest and Post-Harvest Technology, Agricultural Information Systems, Food Technology, Agricultural Product Processing Technology, Agricultural Product Industry Technology, Management and Product Industry Information Systems Agriculture as well as various other fields of science that support the development of the agricultural sector. First published in November 2019 for electronic version. The PATANI journal aims to disseminate research results and increase the productivity of scientific publications. The PATANI journal is published twice in FEBRUARY and SEPTEMBER.
Published: 2023-09-19